OMB is certified according to the ISO 14001 standard and defines a precise company policy that constitutes a concrete commitment to reducing the impact on the environment and spreading a culture of eco-sustainability in the Company.

The final objective is a sustainable evolution of the production process, with the maximum respect for environmental compatibility, according to the model of the continuous improvement. In 2008 the company installed a photovoltaic system with a nominal power of approx. 550 kwp and capable of producing an average of 600 thousand kWh per year. This also results in a failure to emit about 280t of CO.

Self-production is around 15% of all electricity consumed annually. The offices building is A+ certified. It is completely wooden- made and equipped with sensitive grates which, depending on the position of the sun , automatically tilt , so as to facilitate the entry of natural light into the offices and the other work environments.


OMB is certified according to the ISO 45001 standard, further evidence of a production structure which does respect both the safety and the health of its workers.

In addition to the compliance with the current rules, the aim is to implement policies, procedures and controls in line with the internationally recognised best practices in order to create the best possible working conditions.


Since November the 13d, OMB has been offering its employees a web platform for carpooling among colleagues in the journey home-work. 

To encourage people to use shared travels, OMB has provided a cashback: each trip allows the employees to accumulate €0.50, for a maximum of two trips a day. 

At the end of the month, or whenever you want, the collected credits may be used to buy on Amazon, Zalando or for fuelling.
Parking places have also been reserved for the car-pooling users. 

Thanks to an internal dashboard you can monitor the company results: CO2 saved, Km saved, mobility routes.


Another initiative to reduce the environmental impact and to spread the culture of sustainable mobility was to provide employees with some e-bikes to come and go to work.  

Omb has set up a gazebo to recharge them; it is also useful for those who already own an e–bike or a scooter. 

It has also been implemented parking for bicycles.


OMB has joined the” Save the Farm project,” thanks to which 50 fruit trees from Italian organic farms will be adopted by us, thus ensuring a shorter agri-food chain with a lower environmental impact. 

Our purpose is to support small Italian farmers, guaranteeing them a minimum price of fruit higher than that of large retailers. A way to support farms in the event of both climate and climate change difficulties.

A choice to protect our territory in order to allow us to save 2.750 kg of CO2.