Once again technology has resulted to be a valuable resource and ally to protect our own health and that of the others.

Thanks to the serological tests, directly made in the Company by a medical team and available both for all the employees and their families, it has been possible to determine the presence of Igm and Igg antibodies and assess the immunity status in OMB regarding COvid 19 infection.

Blood draws give a result in fifteen minutes; in case of positivity, the samples taken are sent to an accredited medical laboratory which carries out all the necessary checks.

According to the experts and the Government, the integration between tests and swabs are going to give us effective results to curb the spread of the virus.

It is the so called” three T strategy”: testing, tracking and treating.

In this phase of recovery, therefore , the contribution of the industrial world results to be fundamental in order to promptly isolate the suspected cases and to provide the health authorities with relevant data to assess the epidemiological situation on the territory.