OMB Saleri is a technologically advanced mechanical Company in Brescia which produces valves for gas (LPG, methane, hydrogen), used in the automotive industry .

Company founded in 1980, it is characterized since its founding by a great drive towards innovation, not only for its products but also from an organizational standpoint.

OMB Saleri is composed by several departments:

· The Automotive division produces valves for the gas mobility

· The Hydrogen division produces valves and components for hydrogen mobility for both the storage system and the fuel cell system.

· The Metal machining division provides precision machining upon customer’s request.

· The Domestic division produces valves and safety devices for gas and water appliances.

Additional to that a task force of engineers develops innovative projects and products for aerospace, defence and cryogenic applications.


The nerve center of OMB. Research and innovation are the strength of the Company.

About 20% of the workforce in OMB Saleri is employed in the Research and Development department, with an average age of engineers under 30.

OMB Research and Development collaborates daily with our customers for new developments and customizations.

The entire life cycle of the project is handled by expert project managers: from the design carried out upon the customer’s request to prototyping, from testing to validation in our laboratory to industrialization