Community pact

We have launched an important initiative: a Pact of Community ” Polo Primo Maggio” (by the homonymous neighborhood ) among eleven subjects: Municipality of Brescia, OMB Saleri, Fraternità Sistemi, Parish, Centro diurno Rosa , Associazione Facciamo Centro, Associazione Balconi Azzurri, Cooperativa Rondine, Consiglio di Quartiere, Cisom-Ordine di Malta, Associazione Mamma e Papà Separati Italia-Odv.
Our awareness is that it is necessary to leave the purely welfare approach in order to move on to interventions oriented towards an active inclusion of people.
The Pact foresees the realization of a series of actions : a sewing and mending workshop, digital literacy courses for elderly and for foreign people , reading activities for children, reading meetings for adults, a connection among the libraries from the neighborhood to the inner city , the participation and promotion of cultural events and the birth of a football school at the Oratory.
A partnership between different subjects but united by the same objective: a regenerating welfare