Welfare promotes a series of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of its employees.

The philosophy of OMB Saleri is focused on supporting the personal growth , creating a positive working environment in which all the employees can feel fully involved and contribute to the success of the company.


The company baby-sitting, born in September 2013 and aimed at the children of employees from 0 years and up. A space which, during summer and school holidays, welcomes children of different ages to help parents in their management and care.

Various activities are organized, including English and painting courses. Activities from 8 to 18, with canteen available.

A library voluntarily managed by a person in the company

Since October 2017, a working time account has been introduced which allows for the sharing of paid hours among colleagues, in support of the employees who need to assist a family member but have finished their permits.

Courses in English, Economics, Philosophy, Health and Nutrition are promoted and run by workers.

Flexible working hours are adopted to facilitate the management of personal time and some employees use smart-working.

Part-time work is also available in OMB Saleri and is aimed at mothers or workers with special needs.

Participation in the profits of the holding.